What is the My Botanica Wellness Difference?

The My Botanica Wellness products have been vetted by leading pharmacists and doctors in the Medical Cannabis [Hemp and Marijuana] field.  Patients purchasing our CBD products can be assured they are of the highest quality.   Our products have gone through   

rigorous testing and our website includes COA’s [Certifications of Authenticity] for those products makes our products stand out when compared to what you might find in a supermarket or another website.

At My Botanica Wellness, we believe that patients shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to get affordable CBD products. In a market that is oversaturated and under regulated, we strive to provide reputable, thoroughly tested CBD products - AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE

Our goal is to bring you safe and effective CBD products. We only carry doctor-, pharmacist- and practitioner-recommend CBD products based on their efficacy, certification, safety and testing.

How did My Botanica Wellness come about?

In our Medical Marijuana & Wellness Webinars & Seminars and Medical Marijuana Treatment Doctors Clinics patients requested information and a source to obtain quality CBD products.  We operate these programs because of our desire to help patients and people with debilitating conditions find natural relief solutions to help getting away from potentially addictive options .

My Botanica Wellness was created by a team of Doctors, Pharmacists and Medical Marijuana Practitioners to provide consistent, lab-tested CBD products at affordable prices. We vet all of CBD products to ensure that what you see is what you get, removing the guesswork involved with selecting CBD products. One of our main objectives is to reduce the frustration and confusion surrounding CBD in Florida and the USA.. Customers purchasing CBD products want to know that they are purchasing safe, tested and reliable products, and we work to fulfill that need. 

Increasingly, patients with debilitating lifestyle medical conditions are turning to natural relief options, such as CBD. We want to help patients navigate this market, and help them find products that work with their condition and lifestyle. 

Where does My Botanica Wellness source its  CBD products?

In our commitment to quality CBD products at fair prices, we source our CBD products from esteemed vendors such as SunMed, Maxxam Wellness, Pet Releaf and Cannidex. These products are thoroughly vetted and rigorously tested, ensuring that you are purchasing high quality CBD products that will provide you with the relief you need to take control of your condition. 

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