All About CBD Topicals

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is the second most prominent of the active ingredients found in the hemp plant. CBD is a critical component of medical marijuana that, unlike THC, does not produce a “high.” CBD can be bought isolated by itself from a hemp plant, containing minimal-to-no THC, or it can be derived from the actual cannabis plant, in which case slightly higher levels of THC (up to 0.3%) will be present.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

Patients throughout the world have been finding relief from their debilitating conditions through the use of CBD for decades. In fact, CBD really started to gain momentum as it’s impact on epileptic patients, inflammation and its related pain was thoroughly documented. CBD was able to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, seizures in epileptic patients who otherwise would have a significantly reduced quality of life. Certain conditions, such as Dravet syndrome, can cause seizures but do not respond to anti-seizure medication. In these instances, CBD has proven to be immensely effective in reducing and/or eliminating the impact and frequency of seizures. 

Beyond having a wonderful success rate in treating inflammation and seizures, CBD has also been proven to aid in a number of other ailments, including anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and many more. 

What are CBD Topicals?

Topicals are considered one of the easiest and most-effective methods of utilizing CBD. While CBD does not produce a high like THC, also found in the cannabis plant, it provides tremendous health benefits to patients. CBD topicals come in many forms, including topical creams, transdermal patches, and balms. These products are safe ointments that allow for the ingestion of CBD, often in the treatment of aches and pains. CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

How do I Use CBD Topicals?

CBD Topical Creams

High quality oils, such as those from MyBotanicaWellness, include a number of healthy fats which provide numerous benefits for your skin and are a great source of moisture. The benefits of CBD Topical Creams are numerous, including pain relief, reducing the effects of aging, soothing the skin, and eliminating excess oils

CBD topical creams are designed for the patient to apply them directly to the skin, which can cause relief at both the surface-level and for deeper tissues, muscles, and joints. 

CBD Transdermal Patches

CBD patches have risen in popularity over the last several years. The patches are designed to slowly release a select-dosage of CBD into the patient’s bloodstream. Many people prefer the ease and extended release of these patches compared to vapes and edibles. The CBD patch allows CBD to be applied directly to the skin, which then enters the bloodstream for tremendous relief. Many patients state that the patches give them relief for longer periods of time than other ingestion methods.

CBD has proven to be an outstanding source of relief for patients suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis and even multiple sclerosis. The CBD enters the bloodstream and acts to block pain receptors while simultaneously reducing inflammation.

Where Should I Put my CBD Patch?

Patients all have their preferred area of placement for their CBD patches, often determined by what is being treated and the location of pain. 

Common places to put a CBD patch include:

  • On the back of your wrist
  • Inside your ankle
  • Inside your bicep
  • On your back (typically lower back)

CBD Topicals are often used for the Following Conditions:

  • MS
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Dermatitis
  • Migraines
  • Cramps
  • Joint Pain
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Cancer

Does CBD Get you "High?"

While many CBD patients report feeling more relaxed, there is no risk of feeling “high” if the patient is using CBD products from the hemp plant. However, if utilizing CBD extracts from a cannabis plant, the product may have higher levels of THC, which could result in the patient experiencing the “high” associated with marijuana. 

Can CBD Topicals Go Bad or Expire?

All CBD products do, in fact, have expiration dates. It is recommended to keep your CBD products in cool and dark places, such as a drawer or closet. With topicals, there are other agents within the cream that can extend the shelf-life, but it is recommended to follow the expiration date on your CBD Topical’s packaging. 

Side Effects of CBD Topicals

Typically, there are no major health risks associated with the use of CBD oil. That being said, Side Effects can occur and may include:

  • Depression
  • Dry-mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of coordination
  • hallucinations
  • low blood pressure

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