Regardless of whether you’ve been following the same daily routine for decades or you are just starting to implement a new routine, adding high-quality CBD products to that routine may increase your quality of life! In any well-rounded routine, we recommend a  balanced diet, exercise, adequate sleep, proper hygiene and a balanced work-personal lifestyle . Recently, more and more individuals have been adding CBD to their daily routine for the  therapeutic and calming properties to help achieve a healthy life.. In fact, CBD has been found to not only provide relief for a number of conditions, but to also enhance individuals every-day activities. 

Sleeping Better with CBD

Regardless of age, the more responsibilities we have and, the more active our minds are. Unfortunately, this mental activity does not abide by our ideal schedules and can often interrupt a good night's sleep. I’m sure we can all relate to simply turning over at night, only to have a thought come into your mind and you are now unable to return to sleep. Many individuals have reported incorporating a CBD Tincture or CBD Gummies into their evening routine to not only fall asleep quicker, but to achieve a more thorough and restful sleep. 

Using a CBD Cream or Topical

If you or a loved one experience pain or discomfort in your muscles and joints, a topical or cream infused with CBD may enhance your life. A CBD topical and cream are very similar, with the only difference being their bases: a topical has an oil base while a cream has a water base. Patients have told us CBD creams and topicals relieve discomfort -  in a natural way. CBD Creams and Topicals target two different receptors in your brain, the endocannabinoid system and the TRPV receptor, to block the pain associated with conditions that cause inflammation.

Application of CBD cream and topicals is easy and can be applied as needed. CBD creams have also shown the ability to significantly enhance massage therapy as well as being used after workouts to aid in recovery.

Adding CBD to your Morning Routine

Many of us have heard the saying that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, many patients  are finding that their CBD products may be the most important component of their mornings! CBD in the morning can help stimulate your mood as well as help regulate your appetite, pain, inflammatory response, memory, and immune system. 

CBD Energy Capsules

While many of us love to wake up with a cup of coffee, perhaps you’re looking for another way to enhance your mornings. CBD energy capsules have been shown to improve both mood and energy levels. CBD can set you up for success and a great day! Our capsules contain powerful, organic ingredients including: Green Tea Matcha Extract,MCT (medium chain triglyceride) Powder, Purified Crystaline Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract, and L-Theanine. 

These Focus formula CBD capsules are used by customers to increase alertness and attention. Green tea matcha extract has proven health benefits as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, further compounded by the reported benefits of organically cultivated CBD. 

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CBD-Infused Coffee

Billions of human beings start their day with coffee. It’s warm, it’s delicious, and it contains caffeine that raises our alertness, focus, and helps us wake up. However, the synergy between the caffeine and CBD have shown to enhance the effects of the CBD product To start your day with CBD-Infused Coffee, simply add some of our signature CBD Oil to your cup of coffee in the morning! 

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Adding CBD to your Evening Routine

While CBD can certainly boost your mornings and get your day off to a great start, it can also aid in winding down the day and ensuring you get a great night’s sleep and are well-rested for a productive next day. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are well-known: improved focus, reduced anxiety, improved social skills, enhanced cognitive performance, improved concentration, depression relief, and inflammation reduction. 

CBD can enhance the quality of your sleep by relieving ongoing pain and inflammation, as well as calming the mind and providing relief for anxiety. Adding a CBD Oil to a cup of tea at night or even enjoying a CBD edible to end your day can really calm one’s mind and enable a much more thorough and restful night of sleep. 

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