Sweet potato pie, these are good! Pet Releaf’s CBD-infused Sweet Potato Pie Hemp Oil Edibites (Digestive Health) For Dogs offer your pup a grain-free chew without any fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chemical preservatives. We’ve developed our own strain of hemp from plants farmed on our joint-venture farm in Eastern Colorado to create a full-spectrum hemp extract designed specifically with dogs in mind. Each one of these soft-chew sweet potato pie hemp oil Edibites contains 2mg of active CBD per chew as well as natural terpenes and flavonoids that may help to promote a healthy digestive system and contribute to your dog’s overall wellness. As an added benefit, we’ve included functional ingredients such as ginger, marshmallow root, and sweet potato that may help to support your pup’s healthy digestion and bowel health and assist in the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients, promoting long-term health for our growing pals.

From seed to sale, from plant to pet™ means that we’re very picky about the entire manufacturing process. We want your dog to have access to natural, organic supplements that they’ll truly enjoy chomping down on. Our attention to safety and detail is also why our CBD products are human-grade. If your sizable pup needs some help in the digestive health department, purchase a bag of CBD-infused Sweet Potato Pie Hemp Oil Edibites and give your beloved pooch a taste of the Pet Releaf difference—healthy, safe CBD for dogs.

Product Potency Composition — Small & Medium Breed (30 Edibites/bag)
Each Small & Medium Breed Grain-Free Soft Chew Edibite contains 2mg being Active CBD
Each bag contains 60mg being Active CBD

Active Ingredients:

33 mg Organic Marshmallow Root
7 mg Organic Ground Ginger
3.08 mg Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

SKU: 10246
Edibites - Digestive Health

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